Thursday, September 15, 2016

For today.

I am now in the midst of unpacking and finding places for things and deciding what must go -- to other homes and other people.  I am also experiencing, again, the difference between the vision and what it takes to get to the end of the vision.  Meaning, I can/could see this wonderful cozy home and new life; and now I have to do the work to get to that vision.

I no longer belong in either world, expat or repat.  Or, I belong with a foot in both.  Life will always be a bit strange here now; one of the ways that I experience this is in my vocabulary.  Trying to remember a word, or an idiom, to express what I am wanting to share with someone.  A recent confusion was paper clips, no, clothes pins....both things that hold things together....not being sure if clothes pin was the correct word for what I was searching for.  Dish towels and cloths.  The English language is complex and once I have left behind some of the holding everything taunt, sometimes the meaning or the nuance escapes me.